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This is a portfolio of my commercial outdoor location photographs taken on various assignments in Wyoming, Greenland, Montana, Cape Brenton Island, Colorado and Scotland.
The cover features Charles Gaines, famous fly-fishing author and screenwriter.


About the Author

Ian Spanier Photography
ianspanier New York

Ian Spanier was born in Connecticut, raised in Westchester, New York. At age 6, Spanier's interest in photography began when he received his first camera. Currently he resides in New York, and is available for assignment in New York, California, and any other location accessible by plane, train, car, horse, camel, or mule. Ian is a member of the Brunton Pro Team, as well as Lowepro's Team. Check out his page at:

Ian Spanier is available for assignment and can be reached at 917.723.6410 or

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