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‘While the truth is not negotiable, the terms of reconciliation are. Turks and Armenians need a new vision; a new vision to demolish the wall; a new vision for a new century.’

George Jerjian, London, June 2003

In my work I am raising matter of the Armenian Genocide for those who never heard about it and for those who did. Remember that 94 years ago about 1500000 Armenian people where exterminated for only who they are and the guilty ones got away with it. Up to the present day no apology, just a shameless denial by the Turkish State.

During the project my views and feelings about the subject have changed from anger, hatred and uncertainty to forgiveness and possible reconciliation. To forgive it doesn’t mean to forget and that’s why I made 3 pilgrimage visits to the Republic of Turkey during December 2008 – April 2009.

I took photographs in various locations of Eastern Anatolia, with the concepts of loss and absence addressing the themes of the loss of relatives, exile from one's fatherland, the loss of one's dreams and the possibility of a peaceful future.

I would like my work to be a channel for mutual recognition, reflecting on losses that constitute the legacy of the last century. This is a legacy we carry in ourselves and the consequences of the Armenian Genocide in history forms a part of our internal reflection.


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Tigran Asatrjan
mushka Canterbury, Kent, UK

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mushka says

Thank you very much!

Not at all it's my pleasure.


posted at 05:41am Mar 08 PST


german_avag says

Powerful, Strong and too Armenian..I have shared on my FB..if you don't mind.

posted at 05:12am Mar 08 PST


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