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When I was approached by the Downtown Bookstore to exhibit some of my art, it occurred to me that perhaps it was time to try a different road. I had already experienced showing my work - maybe now it was time to try putting together a photo book. And then it clicked. Just like the poem, these two roads had shaped my being. They allowed me to observe and capture the freedom of the road. What follows is a meditation on the drive rather than being driven - images I have captured while traveling these two roads.

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Good Noise Photography
goodnoise Leith, Ontario, Canada

In 2001, one of my photos – of my daughter, Tyya – won the Toronto Sun photo contest; the prize was a 2-megapixel digital camera.

In 2004, I purchased a Digital SLR and started taking my photography a little more seriously. Friends and family began asking for prints and hiring me to take portraits. I received more awards. Finally, in 2006, after years of encouragement, I shared my art for the first time to many positive comments and more opportunities. My photography has been featured in art shows and books, promotional campaigns and on living room walls. I am grateful for this.

And now, after many years of treating photography as a personal hobby, I have decided to make “good noise” my work. As Dorothea Lange said "the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera".  Through my photography, I hope to encourage dialogue; to make people consider the beauty that too often passes us by.

Enjoy Good Noise.
John Fearnall

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