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poetamelie says

Tim Robinson's observations are so gentle and natural that his gifts might mislead one to believe that his work is fairly simple. It isn't. The facility and fluidity with which he works in traditional meter make his writing seem as easy as falling out of the proverbial tree, but such an assumption would be wrong. Tim Robinson observes from the heart and imbues his words with many layers of meaning and feeling. My favorite piece, "1967," captures not only the delightful textures and hues of childhood during that waning era of American innocence, it also evokes unfathomable yearning for the beauty we lose touch with once we begin to understand harsher and more adult ways of experiencing the world. "Impression" is a charming book and an excellent way to introduce people to the delicacies of poetry without scaring them off or annoying them with high-fallutin' language and grandiose imagery. I heartily recommend it.

posted at 02:35am Jun 22 PST


sozoman777 says

Tim writeswith such classical ease while maintaining a spirit of modern revelation and passion. I especially enjoyed "Babel" and "Bags."

posted at 02:08pm Aug 24 PST


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