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Richard Shilling's debut book 'Land Art' chronicles his journey of discovery into this unique artform. One day he chanced upon an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture on a wild and isolated moor and he was inspired to begin his own explorations into the world of natural art sculptures. Inside the book you are taken on a journey as Shilling investigates all the different materials that mother natures provides: colourful leaves and pebbles, snow and ice, stone, wood and so much more.

This book contains 120+ high quality, full colour photographs of his land art depicted in four chapters. "Leaf, Berry, Bracken and Thorn." "Beach, River & Shore." "Stacked Stones & Balanced Pebbles." and "Ice, Snow & Frost". The final chapter "Beginnings" is the story of how he discovered land art and how he found his inner voice and a way to express it.

Other well known practitioners in this field of art - commonly known as land art, natural art, eco art, environmental art, earth art - include Andy Goldsworthy, Nils Udo and Chris Drury. Shilling's artwork is most commonly compared to the work of Andy Goldsworthy as they both specialise in ephemeral small scale natural art sculptures and he remains his largest influence.

But Shilling has developed his own unique style bringing a refreshing and new perspective to this artform. His style is often quirky and humourous, very colourful, intimate and personal. His main focus is on small scale, delicate and colourful, ephemeral artworks but he also regularly creates larger scale works too. He has received much critical acclaim and his work is often described as much more accessible and personal than some of what has come before him and he has gone on to inspire many people to make their own land art creations.

He makes his sculptures in beautiful and wild natural places across the North of England. Particularly in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but he has also created sculptures in Scotland and the Himalaya.


About the Author

Richard Shilling
escher Lancaster, Lancashire, England
Richard Shilling is a sculptor, photographer and film maker working in the field of Land Art. Land Art involves making sculptures using only natural materials gathered near to where the sculpture is made. Many of them are ephemeral and will last only a few short minutes before the wind or the tide takes it away. Soon after nothing remains and Richard attempts to capture the most vital and vibrant moment of each sculpture in a photograph. He makes his sculptures in beautiful and wild natural places across the North of England. Particularly in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire but he has also created sculptures in Scotland and the Himalaya. He uses snow, leaves, wood and stone and anything else that mother nature can provide. You can see more of his work on his website: and read all about what he gets up to on Flickr: and on his blog:

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Stretchy says

I have just been given this book for my birthday, and it's beautiful and inspiring. My wife, who had never come across the idea of Land Art before, was captivated!

posted at 05:11am Feb 12 PST


ulyxes says

this book magnificently contains all of your job taken place during these last years, very special, compliments.

posted at 07:36am Aug 16 PST


StellasEye says

This is the kind of book that inspires for life. Using the natural elements in front of him, such as leaves, stones, flowers, ice, snow, moss and berries to name just a few, Richard collaborates with nature and creates works of stunning beauty that transform your experience with the natural environment. It is moving beyond measure. The book itself is gorgeous. He is a talented photographer as well as nature sculpturist, so the pieces are extremely well presented in their surroundings. He chooses just the right time of day to photograph the light coming through the leaves, or shimmering through the ice so that the photograph itself is a work of art. I first became acquainted with Richard's work through Flickr. It reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy's work whom Richard acknowledges as being a catalyst for his desire to know nature more intimately and express that through his own personal form of Land Art. This book is a culmination of that endeavor, the first of many I hope. Check it out! You will be enthralled!

posted at 09:27pm Jul 30 PST


yakshaver says

I just got my copy in the mail yesterday and it is AWESOME!
I would recommend a bigger format in the future. I realize this would be more expensive (and therefore more difficult to sell...) but I velieve such a gem deserves it. Well done Richard!!

I hope that some big publishing house notices your work and gives it the exposure it deseres.

posted at 01:11pm Jul 27 PST


watred says

I first noticed Richards work (aka e s c h e r) on the Flickr photo sharing community whilst searching for photographs taken around the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire. I was immediately struck by the delicate beauty of his work, using a whole variety of natural materials such as stone, pebbles, leaves, sticks, ice and snow, leaving me wondering how exactly they had been created.

Richard tells his own story about how he was similarly intrigued by the works of Andy Goldsworthy, from whom he has drawn so much inspiration to create his own similar, but unique creations.

The book contains high quality photographs taken by Richard himself, which look much more detailed and vivid in print than on the computer screen. There is also narrative in places in which he explains some of his work, including his journey into land art and developing a new way of seeing his surroundings and the materials he works with.

I have found the book a joy to read, and found it especially useful to relax with during the evening after a hard day at work! I also now feel more attuned to the natural surroundings and tend to see a lot more than I used to when out walking in the countryside.

I heartily recommend this book, especially considering his work is classed as ephemeral (non-permanent, sometimes only lasting minutes!) you will have a professionally produced record of this work which will give you joy for for many years to come!

posted at 03:07am Jul 22 PST


caitio says

Having fallen across Richard's work via Flickr, I've been avidly checking his pages for new entries over the past six months, never disappointed, and constantly amazed by his creativity and respect for nature, its materials, and the landscape in which he makes his work. News of a book meant I could enjoy his art work now not only without finding the energy to climb hill and dale, but also without expending energy on my computer! This book is a treat. Fortunately for us - who either live at a distance from his sculptural playground in England's North West, or who are simply not around in time to catch his more ephemeral pieces, Richard is a fine photographer. There is plentiful evidence of his skills both in creating the work, and in capturing them with a camera in this beautiful book which has become a favourite meditation for me after a frantic day, and a delight to the many friends I've shown it to.
I've been a keen observer of land art since seeing Andy Goldsworthy's work a decade or so ago; I've often come across "imitators" whom I've felt did not pay proper reference to him, nor bring anything further to the form with their own derivative pieces. Richard Shilling describes in "Land Art" his own journey and the relationship of his work to Goldsworthy. The influence of Goldsworthy is clearly apparent, and fully acknowledged; his departure into a form that is unique and personal is however what makes Shilling an exceptionally talented artist whose sculptures are at once inspiring, affecting and enhance the landscapes in which they sit. Spend some time with this book and you'll start to see the world differently...go out, later, into woodland, heath and moor, riverside or coastal stretch, and you may find yourself noticing nature's details and finding form and beauty that had always been there, but you needed some inspiration to see it afresh. I thoroughly recommend this book - and have ordered a copy for some Lancashire emmigrees to remind them of what they're missing!
Cait Hornby

posted at 09:14am Jul 21 PST

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