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In September 2007 we took our two young daughters on a year long round-the-world trip, removing them from the UK education system and leaving our jobs, our home and all the other responsible 'grown up' stuff associated with modern 30-somethings.

This is the story of our journey from the first thoughts and plans in 2006 to the day we stepped back on UK soil in 2008 after 345 days away, including our blog and all the amazing pictures we posted, an additional section of all our references and an update on how we have settled into 'normal' life again - if in fact we actually have! This is the book I wish I could have read beforehand.


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Chris and Rachel Edmeads
fourgortw UK
We - Chris and Rachel - did a 2 year Round The World trip back in 1995-97 and always thought we’d do another one, or at least extended travel. We settled in the UK, worked for 10 years, got married and had 2 children, but never lost the wanderlust - our 2 girls travelled from the age of 6 weeks. In 2006, having finally caught up on enough sleep to seriously contemplate it, and with our youngest due to start school in September 2007, we realised the time was right. We packed in our jobs and other reliable, grown-up, responsible stuff to take our gorgeous 7 and 4 year old girls off on a year long family round-the-world trip.

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