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The portraits in this book are an indelible expression of the engaging interhuman contacts, curious about each others living environment, full of deeply human feelings and respect.
This is the only way to approach these beautiful people: without prejudice, without paternalistic meddling, but also without romance.
Life is hard in this surreal oasis of Afro-traditionalism and Western interference has been disastrous. Pseudo documentaries, and thrill seeking reality shows from our TV channels have introduced the concept of money here, loads of money, unfortunately used to purchase fire arms and disrupting the stability between the tribes. Western thought as missionary work together with the arrival of luxury goods they never asked for equally challenges these communities.
This living Africa museum is approaching a point of no return, after which nothing will be the same anymore. We therefore feel extremely grateful that we have been able to meet these wonderful people, before their culture turns into mere tourist folklore.


About the Author

Daniël Lousbergh
Alfamember Belgium

Daniël Lousbergh, M.D. (°1951 – Belgium) works as a general practitioner.
He has been photographing since 1958.
In 1998 he joined the international photo group Alfa and started to concentrate on black and white photography.
In his work, one can find specific elements that constitute his signature style. His portraits of people all over the world testify of his human sympathy and deep respect for his subject. He photographs mainly in black and white to avoid the distraction of colour and to highlight his subjects’ character.
Getting close to all kinds of people, through his lense and through his conversation (sometimes merely non-verbal, but always with a sense of humour) improves him incredibly as a person.
That’s why his Hasselblad, Leica or Nikon will never be too heavy, even when climbing mountains or marching the desert.
To see more of his work, please visit or contact

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