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This is my manifesto on how we can all work together to achieve a distributed architecture of the future.

By utilizing 'dashboards' we can establish new kind of open standards around people, services and content.

Now that I've got the theory in writing, it's time to turn this theory into practice. So I've written a second book on "How to build a Digital City".

And I'm teaching a class at CWRU on it:
EECS 396 fall '09

Or check it out on YouTube!


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Broadband Mechanics
marccanter Cleveland, OH
I've now created three books up on Blurb: - a manifesto for distributed architectures - a textbook on how to build a software infrastructure for digital cities - documentation of a summer internship program I'm a 25+ year veteran of the software business and father of five. I've just moved to Cleveland, Ohio to take my theory and turn it into practice. In an earlier life I started a company called MacroMind which became Macromedia. I helped invent multimedia authoring tools, players and cross platform playback.

Publish Date  July 01, 2009

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marccanter says

I'll get it together to put up an open wiki - as soon as I put up the new "How to build a Digital City" preso and 5k word article

and have you checked out "" We produced a book for that - as well.

posted at 06:34am Sep 26 PST


renderboy says

I saw your presentation at Slideshare, then the video of it at Youtube. That's how I got here. It seems that the book is no longer open for collaboration in a wiki fashion?
I share your inspired vision about openess and I think you did a wonderful job articulating the argument in such a clear way.
I must say I think your book is rather expensive... and also (and as you said) why should I buy a piece of dead tree?

posted at 06:06pm Sep 25 PST

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Published November 07, 2010
How to build a Digital City - Computers & Internet photo book
Published June 30, 2009

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