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It started from a brief meeting, a flicker of interest in facing my fears, and turned out to be the biggest moment in the history of my self image. These pictures see the journey from restrained to released. A complex person at heart, with a strong appreciation of the human form, I was unwilling to see myself for what I really was. I say was, as now I am a different form, mentally. Brett showed me - me. He showed me, literally through the prints, that even though my size and shape was smaller than the usual societal limits, that I could be appreciated – by me. This experience was better than any therapist. This was living art, living therapy, with purpose and meaning. I began wanting to be viewed as beautiful by others, and in the end, learned that I only needed to be viewed as beautiful by myself. The journey was initially centred around breasts, and how I desperately wanted to change mine, but Brett quickly captured a deeper issue within me, that of a warped self image and the need to feel normal. What you’ll find may be confronting, or captivating. You’ll see progression and change in the physical and mental. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do. This is not a sexual fantasy, this is a deep rooted illustration of the physical form. This is a fusion of minds as Brett delightfully puts it.


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Brett Dorron Photography
BrettDorron Fremantle Australia

My personal work is often largely shot on black and white, with some colour, and mostly medium-format. I share a (by appointment only) studio, located in the heart of Fremantle (Western Australia), with two other local photographers.

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