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Remember when you were a kid, and you got that ray gun for Christmas? I went around shooting EVERYTHING, turning it all into some mysterious goo, making the old disappear. Well, that is what I am doing with Photomatix, turning it loose on a lot of the pictures I make of things in my life. To see what comes out. Sorry, but it IS my first ray gun ... all over again.

I have not yet figured out exactly what an "HDR" photo is. It seems to be any photo that clearly shows the effects of processing using an HDR program or the equivalent in Photoshop. Therefore, if it looks like an HDR process was used, it is an HDR photo. But folks, it ain't that simple, in my humble opinion. Using these techniques, it is quite possible to enhance a photo without it looking "HDR." In fact, if you look closely at the many images in magazines, TV, and the internet, more than a few show extension of tonal range., through lighting, for example. So it is possible to use these techniques and this software to enhance one's work without making a case out of it.

This book isn't about that. This book is really about the Triple X, Xander Cage, XXX approach to using HDR software. We see so many images, and have so many visual experiences, that we become jaded, immune. Every picture looks, well, boring. Well, whatever this IS about, I hope it is not BORING. I have taken some of my mundane, every day images that you, yes YOU, could have taken, and made them POP!

To help establish the difference, I am including the unprocessed images as well, not to bore you out of your mind, but to show what was in the original shot, and how it was altered by Photomatix. Most of the HDR shots were made from raw images from my Lumix G1 or the Leica M8. Some are made using a duplicate jpg to open up Tone Mapping, but only a few. The raw image data captures so much more that can be shown in a normal format that it is the only way to go. Noise is the enemy!

When you turn the pages, I apologize for any queasiness. Gravol is not included.

200 pages 332 color photographs


About the Author

Lawrence Christopher
larryc Surrey, British Columbia (BC), Canada
Hi. I'm Larry Christopher. I am 66 years old, and have been taking pictures most of my life. I come from a family of photographers, both my Dad and my brother having great influence on me. I live in fabulous Surrey, British Columbia where one learns to take pictures outdoors even on rainy days. Members of my family include my mother Alice, my son and his wife Rob and Liz, and my dayghter Teresa. Thanks to them I also have two wonderful grandchildren Aidan and Adam, and a good friend Desirae. My wife Carol has been a great help and partner to me since 1965. I use Leica amd Nikon equipment, I no longer use film as much, but I will continue to use it for as long as it (and I) last. Long live the crow. Contact Please visit my website for print and digital image sales.

Publish Date  July 02, 2009

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  200 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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