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The Oklahoma Centennial Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive of 2007 was 14 years in the making. The cowboys and cowgirls spent one month pushing cattle up the trail, many times on the exact original trail of 1867-81.
It's reality TV that missed its chance.
This book features the photographs of many of those people, along with many of their stories. It is a book of visual delight and stories they delight in sharing.
If you love the old west, history and are a lover of art, this is the book to add to your collection.

I am seeking corporate sponsorships to help get copies of my book into rural libraries where funding is limited. This is a part of history that needs to be shared. If interested, please e-mail me.


About the Author

Toni Hopper
Toni Oklahoma

Award winning writer and photographer Toni Hopper has been a newspaper reporter for more than 17 years, beginning as a freelance photographer. As a photographer, she has earned fine arts awards. Writing awards include Associated Press, Oklahoma Press Association, Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. and the Oklahoma Education Association's Marshall Gregory.
Aside from a few books made of family portraits and designing wedding albums, Toni considers Riding The Chisholm Trail 'Once in a lifetime' as her first official book, self-published.
"I feel it is my contribution to Oklahoma history and is dedicated to the hard work and spirit of the cowboys and cowgirls who lived their dream on that trail."
One of the images featured in this book is a part of The Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum's collection of 31 black and white images chosen from thousands reviewed highlighting this historic event.
You can visit her blog at

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LarryAdkins says

I love this book!! Being a Texan with relatives in both West Texas and Oklahoma, and something of a history buff as well, this really strikes a chord with me. It's like going home to the past. I will be looking forward to your new edition when it is ready.

I wanted to ask you how books like this "bubble up to the surface". You commented on my Yosemite book, and I would like to know how you found it. Given that Blurb publishes some 30,000 titles a year surely many worthy books never see the light of day. I have a new book out with some Texas pictures that I would like comments on. Right now it is private with all the pages previewed, but will go public soon. If you want to glance through it, you can find it here: Needless to say I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have, if you have the time.

posted at 02:37pm Nov 24 PST


Toni says

Lauren, your book must be set to private as nothing came up when I clicked on your screen name. Thanks so much for commenting!

posted at 06:45pm Nov 07 PST


hookkids says

Hello Toni
You are so right everyone should have a once in a lifetime experence like this . I really loved the black and whites . We live near the double diamond ranch near cooks forest Pa. and went for a small ride on horses that is as close to this that we got . Wonderful book
Please check out my daughters first book ( Underneath the caribbean moon ) by Lauren Bullers
Thank you for the journey

posted at 03:56pm Nov 07 PST


tismark says

Thanks for the comment (and the vote!)! This is an awesome book! I would love to do something as comprehensive as this! Some day when I find the right subject that means as much to me as this must have meant to you!

posted at 10:45pm Oct 25 PST


Toni says

Thanks for the comments!

posted at 11:25am Oct 16 PST


memaws5as says

Awesome book brought the cattle drive to life.

posted at 10:38am Sep 20 PST


darthfabry says

A good book, you got my vote!

posted at 02:45am Jul 25 PST

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