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As an artist, I have always been amazed by the art, architecture, and product design of the late 19th century Victorian era and the mid 20th century Post-WWII era. It was about a year ago that I discovered the "steampunk" and "dieselpunk" movements in art. Inspired by this and the fascination that began in my childhood, I began customizing and modifying toy guns to give them the appearance of weaponry that could have come from either period in time but didn't. Contained within the 80 pages of this tome are the first 30 of these "steampunk" and "dieselpunk" creations.

All of the weapons contained in these pages are currently in the hands of collectors in the United States and across Europe.


About the Author

Benjamin Bader
theideacan Dayton, Ohio, USA

My name is Ben. I'm a freelance illustrator and owner of Neo-Elegance Design in Dayton, OH. I was born in Clarksville, TN in April of 1980. I'm the fourth and youngest child of a carpenter/sculptor father and a seamstress/English teacher mother. My family traveled the United States from the East coast of Virginia to the West coast of Alaska before settling in Ohio when I was 8. After being home schooled through 5th grade, I awkwardly started public school in 6th grade and graduated "almost with honors" from Fairborn High School in '98. Since high school, I've attended and dropped out of two different colleges (the second one 4 or 5 times) and am working on a record for the longest time spent getting an associates degree (10 years so far and almost a year of full time classes to go). Throughout my life, I've been fascinated with mathematics, physics, chemistry, architecture, engineering, medicine, and astronomy, but found that I had a talent for creating art and spent most of my post-hi

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MasterJinn says

Thought it would be a larger size book, but LOADS of fun. An inspired idea brought to life with humor and imagination. This is a must see, must have for all Steam Punk enthusiasts and aficionados who want to see the grand scale of weaponry of a more civilized age using today’s toys. AWESOME!!! Thankx TheMasterJinn

posted at 03:54pm Sep 23 PST


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