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This book also includes a 16 page graphic novel (illustrated by me, along with the cover) in the back that depicts the climax of the book. Please enjoy. :)

Finally, the novel I never expected to be a novel is ready for purchase! To me, writing Vengeance has been a wonderful form of self-therapy. Living vicariously through my characters, and experiencing through fiction actions I could never commit, has helped me through some rough times near the end of high school and the beginning of college alike.

We all need to imagine every now and then to keep our sanity. This is my testament to the power of imagination.

If you're a bit of a prude - you never liked the popular kids in high school, the jocks, the jerks, and so on - then I hope you enjoy this.

Consider the word "vengeance." What's the one thing that you wish you could do to someone who has wronged you and many others? It's not an easy answer, is it?

Now put yourself in the shoes of Versa Novak, your everyday American teenager. Well, almost. Intelligent, sarcastic, curious, and with her own share of adolescent issues, Versa is just like you and I - except for the fact that she is a werewolf.

After far too many altercations involving one Kayleigh Monroe and other ultra-popular students at Rapid Falls High School, knowing no better way to release her anger and distress, Versa scares some drunken partygoers with a full moon high in the sky.

With her ambush being regarded as little more than a well-executed prank, Versa is left again to face the daily barrages of teasing and idiocy.

Unsatisfied by her previous attempts to teach Kayleigh and her cohorts a lesson, Versa seeks her vengeance on the forces of teenage ignorance and immorality once more in a way only she can.

Experience everything from an up close and personal night in a Starbucks coffeehouse to a hair-raising lacrosse game as Versa seeks her revenge. Amidst romance, friendship, confrontation, and a little bit of modern fantasy, join Versa and her friends on their quest to shut down the high school hierarchy for good.


About the Author

Kelly Phillips

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp

Publish Date  July 06, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  236 pgs   Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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bassgirl17 says

Do yourself a favor and buy this book! Ms. Phillips is a talented young writer who creatively weaves a realistic story around the life of a teenage werewolf. High school students and alumni will quickly recognize the author's ability to really capture life as it is.

The added bonus of the graphic pages (by the author herself) only adds to the story.

posted at 07:44am Jul 28 PST


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