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A Bug's World

Photographing these wonderful creatures is somewhat a fine art, they rarely stand still and love the game of hide and seek. This is why I love to photograph them, they are a difficult subject, but a great challenge, a challenge that is enormously rewarding if you happen to capture that special moment.
Most of the time we just walk right past this world in our busy lives, so sit down, relax and enjoy this book and may my macro photographs open a window into a new world for you and maybe put a smile on your face.

Debbie Steer Tasmania Australia 2009


About the Author

Debbie Steer
debbiesteer Tasmania, Australia

Photography.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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al2009 says

Beautiful pictures: bright colors, and bugs' faces are not scary (like in most macro photos I had seen). Very nice and inspiring.

posted at 10:39am Apr 25 PST


pompon44 says

Very inspiring indeed.
May I ask whether those pictures are taken indoor (under very controlled lighting conditions) or outdoor ? Either way, beautiful results !

posted at 05:30am Jul 14 PST


patycake54 says

I really really enjoyed the photography. I now want to look in my garden for bugs and there beauty. Beautiful!

posted at 06:30am Sep 18 PST


mrshattery says

I've never seen this style before. Wonderfully done and truly captivating. The colors are absolutely incredible!!! I will be sorely disapointed if this doesn't get high marks with Photography Book Now.

posted at 06:42am Jul 19 PST


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