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Disturbingly sexual fashion dolls photographed as representation of artificial women.
Set in human-like situations prompting the viewer to subjectively interpret the thoughts of each doll.

Each doll was altered and given a conscious persona to evoke feelings of desire and fantasy. Creating the ultimate deception through the safety of an inanimate object.


About the Author

Brigitte Starr
solarcat1999 NYC

Born and raised in Germany, I have a passion for photography and all forms of Art.
I document people and objects with an open heart and mind.

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travelman25 says

An amazing portrayal of animate objects brought to life. You have to look twice just to make sure. The photographs are artistic, clean, good taste and expressive.

posted at 07:33pm Jul 23 PST


lilnita says

Very beautful subtly sexy photography. The dolls are remarkably alive and look like people we might know not overly idealized sexless Barbies.

It 's amazing how easy it is to overlook the joints and artificial aspects when their poses and faces are so emotional.

posted at 09:27am Jul 22 PST


stormflugan says

Brigitte's dolls are amazing! You can't stop looking at them. Her artistry and photography has infused life into inanimate objects. This is the work of a true creator, a true artistic genius. I can't ever imagine spending an hour looking deeply into a book about dolls. However, this work is infinitely interesting, a plethora of subtlety and depth. Brava Brigitte

posted at 08:44am Jul 20 PST


duvygalvis says

Your book is outstanding Brigitte! Your Barbies are photographed arrestingly brilliantly. You have done a magnificent job in putting together ALL of your images in telling a story. I like that you created your book in b/w; however, the one image in color tied in very nicely too. Your style in photography is excellent. Outstanding job!!

Duvy Galvis McGirr

posted at 10:52pm Jul 18 PST


cbates says

Great idea, great book. Perfect.
Thank you for sharing your book with me.
Carolyn L. Bates
Photographer for 36 years

posted at 09:40am Jul 17 PST


ulla1232 says

These are marvelous photographs, very original and unique. Looks like a lot of work went into making these dolls and ultimately creating the photos.
I've never seen dolls look so human.
Great work!

posted at 08:33am Jul 17 PST

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