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FRIV•O•LOUS: STILL PHOTOS OF NAKED LADIES is more than 200 sexy, dynamic, nude images combined with witty, insightful and often poignant essays — both from Hollywood photographer Geoffrey Ashley of Unsinn Photography.

Photographs capturing the beauty and personality of dozens of models (many images never before seen) combine with esoteric writings like “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Han Solo” to paint an insightful picture of the often-ridiculous life of a Hollywood art photographer.

The book’s style is “rude” in design parlance, providing a perfectly-chaotic framework for the mix of writing and images, complimenting the photography and writing without overpowering them.

Here are a few quotes about the work of Unsinn Photography...

“Hot chicks in a style halfway between a Suicide Girls layout and an American Apparel ad — which is nothing to shake a stick at. Unless by stick you, never mind.”

“guerilla erotic art”
• NEW YORK ARTS Magazine

and the very best quote so far...

“your style is a bit edgy for PLAYBOY”
• Marilyn Grabowski (west coast photography editor — PLAYBOY)

[this book contains mature themes — must be 18 or older (21 or older in some areas) to purchase]


About the Author

Unsinn Photography
unsinnimage Hollywood, California

Currently banished to Hollywood...most likely as hellish cosmic payback for some seriously bad behavior in a past lifetime...former photojournalist Geoffrey Ashley now shoots still photos of naked ladies (among other things, such as celebrity portraits and national advertising campaigns) under the banner "Unsinn Photography."

He is a minimalist, guerrilla shooter whose work has been called "edgy," "pulsating" and "erotic." His photographs are infused with an editorial sensibility to create imagery that is raw, provocative and artistic. It is a versatile style that, with just a minor twist, can become truly erotic or cutting-edge commercial.

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unsinnimage says

Thanks, Art Bark.

I worked hard to design the book so that, if somebody doesn't want to read...or can't read because of a minor head injury, there's still plenty of photographs to keep them occupied. But, when they're ready to stimulate the other side of their brain, there's some pretty words there, too. :)

posted at 10:48am Apr 14 PST


artbarkvideo says

Looks like an interesting combination of a photographer's journal and related photos on the highs and lows of working with nude models. I like the stylish and consistant design of the text format, but fear I would not be able to concentrate on the reading with so many beautiful distractions. One reason I kept my own nude book textless. It does look like a lot of good fun, and the models have a lot of variety, never routine! Nice work!

posted at 09:25pm Apr 03 PST


unsinnimage says

Whaler, thanks much.

I hope you enjoy it! :)

posted at 11:47am Oct 26 PST


unsinnimage says

Thank you, OneLightRoom! :)

posted at 11:47am Oct 26 PST


whaler33 says

Looks great! I'm looking forward to buying a copyu with my next Blurb order. Have a great day!

posted at 08:27pm Oct 24 PST


onelightroom says

great book !

posted at 04:02am Oct 13 PST


unsinnimage says

Thank you. :)

posted at 08:39pm Sep 07 PST


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