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Images of Stanley Park, Vancouver inspired by the work of Lucien Clergue, particularly his photographs of the Camargue. Among the themes explored are reflections, patterns of light and dark, borders and "morphism" (seeing animate shapes in inanimate objects).


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clfoto Italy, Germany and USA

L. Lee McIntyre is an freelance author and photographer who currently lives in Germany. Her work on Blurb represents both her personal works, as well as projects done in collaboration with others, including the Spanish poet Maribel Hernández del Rincón and the digital artist and photographer Christopher Culy.

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wleben says

Along with the debt to Clergue that Culy mentions, there's a haunting reference to the painting of the abstract expressionists. Since the photos are black and white, the two artists that come first to mind are Kline and Motherwell. While you can easily discern the figures Culy photographed, they're presented as abstractions, and they pack a similar wallop to the New York school paintings.

posted at 05:15pm Aug 27 PST


burkekid says

Culy’s book presents and preserves an unnoticed world of design in nature, further called to our attention by the use of primordial black and white photography without the distraction of color.

posted at 10:07am Aug 06 PST


murder1 says

Culy’s photographic eye paired with Mother nature gives the viewer an unique picture of Stanley Park the casual visitor misses.

He has captured images of forms made by ice and trees that are absolutely breathtaking.

His work truly hits the mark.

posted at 09:42am Aug 06 PST

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