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About the Project:

As I walked into that first barn, the rays of light filtering through the wood reminded me of my own life journey. These glimmering fragments started at the sun, traveling into outer space, refracting and reflecting off of meteors and what other dust lay beyond our comprehension. As the light sped to earth, breaking through the ozone and traveling the combative atmosphere, it stayed its’ path until it came to this spot. It was destined to be here. I was supposed to see that millisecond of light flash through my pupil. All of the time it spent in route; all the obstacles it traversed just to arrive here. And that is my journey with this project.

What does this book portray? To me, it is about finding beauty in those small glimpses of normality. My book is about being comfortable in the everyday; the ability to find beauty within yourself. All of the models came to the shoot wearing minimal make-up and bearing their naked selves to the camera. The models shot however they were most comfortable in order to capture the essence of beauty in its purest form. My vision, my point of view, comes second to the loveliness that you find within the images I captured. The contrast of the structured barn with the exposed self is a glimpse into minimized extravagances. I captured the beauty that is sometimes ignored by the industry, and I hope that you find meaning within each shot.


About the Author

Michael Avon
michaelavon Upper Marlboro, Maryland
August 1, 2002. It is a day that I will always remember. A motorcycle accident left me a 24 year old trying to make sense of a body I no longer knew. Both of my legs were amputated, I lost the use of my fingers, and I had extensive surgeries to correct what speed and poor decision-making took from me. Instead of living in perpetual depression, I found a new passion. I became a photographer. My artwork, my photography, is more than just taking pictures, it is a story of overcoming adversity. My life is a testament to the beauty in the simplest mundane occurrences. A motorcycle accident left me legless, but in my tragedy I found a new life. I learned to appreciate the good and bad that happens during each individual’s journey. My perspective pushed me through the hard times, and my attitude gave me the ambition to pursue my dreams. More importantly, I learned the merit of dedication and determination.

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ivycity says

I’m not a photographer but I definitely know a good photo when I see one. This book is amazing and full of beautiful photos. The human body is truly the most beautiful work of art around and every page in this book captures it. I only wish that I was included on one of these pages…. ~ivy*

posted at 08:35am Aug 03 PST


mskat_j says

I really like this book. It envokes thought and images of self. Could I or would I because all of his models, images, the property are beautiful & ethnic & thought provoking but interesting.

posted at 11:50am Jul 26 PST


mother123 says

I am so excited about getting this book I have order my copy. I have seen this photographers work and his work is very personal. He has love in all of his photo's and feel his images. You feel his work and passion.

posted at 05:05pm Jul 24 PST

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