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The Journey of the Lamb is a refreshing new look at the book of Revelation and end-time prophecies.

The first part of the book will lead you into a deeper knowledge of the Lord by studying The Lamb as He is revealed to us in chapter five in the book of Revelation. The knowledge of The Lamb and His seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God is the key to understanding the mysteries of the number seven throughout the book of Revelation.

The second part of the book is a study of the end-time prophecies. The prophecies, based on the literal interpretation, are explained in the light of the knowledge of the Lord presented in the first part of the book.

A discussion on the Seed of Christ and its journey from God to the first human, Adam, and on down the entire lineage to Jesus Christ.

A breakdown of the seven Spirits of God and their relation to the seven covenants of God; also their relation to the seven angels and seven churches in the book of Revelation.

The description of The Lamb given in the book of Revelation describes Him as having seven horns and seven eyes, lying on an altar which has a horn on each of the four corners. Interpreting these descriptions literally, the author explains the seven horns of the lamb as being the seven offices of Christ. He explains each one's purpose and authority, all the while pointing to supporting scriptures in the Bible.

The book of Revelation also describes the seven-headed dragon, which is the Devil and Satan. The author explains that the seven-headed dragon opposes the Lamb which has the seven horns and seven eyes. Each head of the dragon opposes one horn of the Lamb. He breaks down each head of the dragon and exposes the evil spirit that dwells there. He names each spirit and tactic of the dragon, at the same time revealing the spiritual weapons used to combat each spirit. All supported by the scriptures.

A look at the Beast, Babylon, and Antichrist talked about in Revelation. The author again interprets these literally and explains how these three, along with the dragon, existed physically as beasts during the times of Noah. Using scriptures, he breaks open and reveals who these three are and their purposes during the end-times.


About the Author

Charles Kerekes
CTKerekes Salisbury, MD

Charles T. Kerekes was born in Tusnad, Romania, in July 1942. He immigrated to the United States in 1981.

In his Christian walk of over 37 years, Charles studied the Word of God relentlessly. He studied it in Hungarian, Romanian, and English. After many years, Charles felt led to write down his biblical studies in this book.

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