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This collection of photo collages was created from images of tagging taken in San Francisco from 2007-2009, primarily in the neighborhoods of The Mission, The Excelsior, Bernal Heights, and SoMa. Tagging, a variation of graffiti which is typically looked upon as vandalism, has become ubiquitous in urban areas. For people who live in neighborhoods where tagging is prevalent, the images become part of day-to-day life. Some fight the tagging by repeatedly covering it up with paint, others accept it, or at least become resigned, and still others are the agents of the tagging. By integrating photos of tagging with portraits of children, the collages in this book attempt to convey a sense of envelopment.


About the Author

Heidi Alletzhauser
heidi_4boys San Francisco, CA
married mother of four sons + freelance photographer who enjoys portraiture, editorial, and fashion work with children and teens

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