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A physicist sparks the idea of many worlds, of parallel universes that exist side by side.
An applied physicist specializing in optical systems discovers how to observe them.
Governmental agencies seize the technology and learn how to get to them.
The rest is history; a future created by the past that is controlled by the future which can change the past. Welcome to universal time travel and the worlds of the Creed Dominion.
Two friends, Cruisers of the Creed Dominion discover a well hidden secret; the universe is set to be destroyed. But by who and how, and why? How can the Creed not be aware? Will these two Dominion enforcers be able to prevent all life, our unique timeline and the Prime Locale from being destroyed? Once a scheme as grand as that is set in motion, how can it be stopped?

Join them on their quest, a journey possibly leading back to a singularity, taking them and everything that exists now to the end, and quickly.
Understand how the peripheral creatures can help and how diffraction time travel and universe hopping are now a reality. Discover how the Prime Locale, black holes and the diffraction of light can take us to an infinite number of parallel universes; of parallel u-times.
See the result of misunderstanding lifeforms at the quantum level and how this can lead to almost certain destruction.
Explore the mind of the Grenine, observe their artificial atom creations and then join with Milo and Sarda to halt the seemingly inevitable.
The science involved is more than plausible to keep both your mind and your heart engaged to the very end, whatever that may entail.


About the Author

Mary McQueary
PahomaTribe Florida, USA

Publish Date  July 14, 2009

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  234 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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