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Since May of 2007, Holt Webb, a native of Alpharetta, Georgia, has been traveling around the United States in BABS (his Big Ass Bus), running on used vegetable oil and solar power, documenting and publishing images and stories of American Treasures that could be lost to us during our lifetimes.

Holt's Vanishing America Project shines a spotlight on the vignettes of America that today's generations know and love, but tomorrow's generations may never see. It is designed as a visual record to describe America as it stands today, in this 21st century... barely 250 years old, but already depriving itself of its history.

The goal of the project is twofold: To show current generations what is in danger of disappearing forever, and to show future generations how special these things are to us, in hopes that they will take the time to look around their world and embrace what is important to them.

This is a project designed to increase awareness about our country, our culture, and our environment. It is a project whose timing could not be more perfect... when Americans are concerned about the future of our nation and our world; when people are embracing their history so they don't lose touch with who they are in this rapidly changing age of technology, reality shows, and global commercialization; when we are worried about losing our identity as a people.


About the Author

Holt Webb
Holt Webb was born in Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives in Chattanooga, TN.

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HoltWebb says

Thank you. :)
It's a start. I'm working on a more complete compilation and even an e-book version. Stay tuned.
Oh, and even though I got rid of the motorhome and am living in Chattanooga, the project is far from over...

posted at 11:30am Nov 30 PST


redtreeme says

Wonderful book. Gorgeous photographs. I love how the images portray the essence of what I remember when I visited the states.

posted at 10:19pm Jul 30 PST


Carlynne says

I got to meet Holt Webb in person, when he made a 2-week stop in Fernandina, Florida. I found him to be an incredible individual, using "blood, sweat and tears" to convey his God-given purpose to the people of America. His vision to record our beautiful country, both past and present, is not only a tool for history, but for our future as well. We can, and we MUST use his findings to better preserve our homeland. - Carlynne

posted at 05:02pm Aug 16 PST


macculla says

Having seen this book first hand - it is a beautiful compilation of extroidinary images that capture the heart of the beauty of what is around us , and disappearing. Holt's images give a voice to the landscapes, animals , archtecture and people that need it the most. It would be a great addition to anyone's book collection .

posted at 04:02pm Aug 08 PST

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