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This book explores the world of bees in real life & in miniature.


About the Author

Adam Makarenko
AGMakarenko Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Adam Makarenko was raised in the land of caribou bones, otherwise known as Atikokan, in Northern Canada. During his youth, Atikokan was coated in red ore dust and boasted two of the largest ore mines in the world. Nestled in the heart of the Northern Ontario wilderness, Atikokan was isolated from the rest of the world. In 1980, the mines shut down and it was at that point that Adam began to nurture his artistic ideas by exploring fields of endless moss, muddy swamps, thick boreal forests and abandoned open pit mines.

Adam’s work draws on the influences of science and nature. Cinematic aspects of Chiaroscuro lighting influence his aesthetic approach. His work often reflects implied narrative themes that explore the human manipulation of nature, to the state of impermanence we eventually find ourselves in.

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nabueitah says

about to order it now, can't wait!!!!Your photography works is magical!

posted at 12:25pm Aug 31 PST


deoxygen says

Love the photography and the presentation to the point where the heavy use of black starts to interfere with my positive mood.

Hope that makes sense to ya :-)

posted at 10:41am Aug 01 PST


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