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a schyzofrenic collection of the stuff I do.

I've always been told a good portfolio should be a selection of the best work, 20 images at most, carefullt aimed at the target we want to impress.
Usually this involves grouping the work into categories, adding some sort of pagination or tabs and developing a table of contents.
I've been told I'm too artsy to be sold as a commercial photographer and too commercial to be sold as an artist. I've been told I should narrow my interest and shoot the same thing over and over so that I could develop a specific style.

But my work is not something Ive been told, it's about something I want to tell.


About the Author

Sara Lando
bruko Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy

lives in Italy. Takes pictures. Sucks at writing bios.

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kimbelina says

Your book is pretty amazing. Despite the huge range of subjects and styles, your own fingerprint is well and truly there on every photo. I particularly love the way you've grouped photos together to give them more meaning.

posted at 06:31am Jul 01 PST


simmons says

molto bello! il tuo portfolio era nella pubblicità di blurb al photoshow di roma!

posted at 06:17am Mar 28 PST


JVRobertson says

Your portfolio is absolutely lovely!

posted at 09:43am Feb 10 PST


caromari says

Wauw. I love your work! Yeah - I agree with argument above: You should have won.

posted at 02:16pm Dec 16 PST


jan33mac says

keep shooting sara, your visual vocabulary has served you well in your portfolio book. you deserve a very wide audience. keep at it !! self promote ruthlessly----don't wait for anyone else to do it for you! you are on a powerful path. thank you for this glimpse of greatness.

posted at 12:31pm Dec 02 PST


Raydog says

Terrific stuff, stay in there and don't compromise. You can only say it once. Well done a justified win.

posted at 03:23am Nov 30 PST


joanweinman says

My favorite of them all. You should have won!

posted at 02:20pm Nov 20 PST

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