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Motivated by a need to explore visually one of history’s most notorious periods, I traveled to Europe to photograph the Nazi concentration camps and subcamps in Austria (Mauthausen), Belgium (Fort Breendonk), Czechoslovakia, (Theresienstadt Ghetto), France (Natzweiler-Struthof), Germany (Bergen-Belsen, Bisingen, Dachau, Flossenbürg and Vaihingen an der Enz) and Poland (Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek and Treblinka). I chose to use an 8” x 10” view camera and color film making my pictures counterpoints to the historical black and white photographs and films which
documented the Holocaust.


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pxlfxr says

Mr. Friedman certainly has a eye. What truly impresses first that he hauled an 8x10 camera a film all around to accomplish this project as a young man. Second are the feelings and mental pictures that these photos evoke. Taking moments of study on each image, each one told a story different that what the history books do. I felt the people, the humanity. If the subject was a part of your family history it is a must have and for others a should have for students of photography a treasure as well.

posted at 09:43am Dec 15 PST


swhalide says

Very profound book, written with sensitivity and insight.
Terrifically moving.

posted at 06:33pm Aug 18 PST


karlrubin says

A memorable book by an accomplished artist, 12 Nazi Concentration Camps explores perhaps the most ugly period of our lifetime. Amazingly, Friedman presents it in a very personal style with a beautiful aesthetic. This is an important work that will speak to people for generations to come.

posted at 01:19pm Aug 17 PST


lloydpdx says

I am grateful that this insightful, creative, and memorable body of work is at last available in print. The images of a vital and difficult subject are masterful; Friedman marries his keen intellect with his elegant and unique visual sensibility. His other bodies of work (see, among others) are equally engaging and I recommend seeking them out as well. Bravo.

posted at 02:58pm Aug 16 PST


ivan1 says

book reflects on one of the most cruel periods in human history. it presents many of the people who participated in a non kneejerk manner,causing us to see that normal people can do terrible things. the photos are outstanding in their presentation. the images truly reflecting the situation in a highly artistic manner.

posted at 12:36pm Aug 12 PST


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