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The temples of Angkor are among the most beautiful, mysterious and awe-inspiring achievements on Earth. They exist in a lost world of stone gods and intricately carved demons dating back to the Khmer Empire that is buried deep in the jungles of southeast Asia.

Entwined in a silent struggle with the forces of nature, these magnificent temples mimic the plight of the Cambodian people as they fight to escape the long shadow of Pol Pot's infamous dictatorship.

From religious glory and downfall, through modern tragedy and into a new generation of hope and tourism, James King's collection of personal images represents a nation at once timeless and in the throes of violent change.

'Khmer - Shadow in the Ruins' will transport you to a realm of mystery and adventure that will haunt your dreams for ever.


About the Author

James King
jk_junglejim London, England UK
James King is a designer and photographer with a passion for adventure. Over the years he has travelled the world, from roughing it in the Borneo rainforest to exploring the ‘lost’ Incan city of Machu Picchu. He has flown over the Nazca Lines, gazed in awe at the Forbidden City, crossed the Great Wall of China, walked across fire and negotiated the notoriously perilous underground journey from Liverpool Street Station to Tottenham Court Road on the Central Line (at rush hour) more times than any man alive. Life has led James in many directions and he has been lucky enough to set foot on Skywalker Ranch and visit that ‘Galaxy, far, far away...’ while working as Art Editor on The Official Star Wars Fact File. He has also travelled in time with Doctor Who - Battles in Time magazine. This book is a tribute to all those people who just can’t say no when the promise of reckless adventure lands in their lap.

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Comments (14)


MHop says

A truly fantastic book which really fired up my imagination. Your photos are among the best I have ever seen. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!

posted at 02:16am Aug 25 PST


ChristineDS says

Jim this is AMAZING, my Borneo buddy! Well bloody done; I have everything crossed for you! :-)

posted at 04:29am Aug 17 PST


stefanbarnet says

looks awsome!
i remember our trip vividly! :)
you should try get in contact with michael and chris too to show them!

posted at 06:01am Aug 15 PST


hawfinch says

Well done looks fabulous, great talent good luck for the future.

posted at 09:43am Aug 13 PST


DMDineen says

James, it was an amazing trip and to see your pictures brought to life so fabulously is a real testament to your perseverance and dedication to this project and you should be so very proud of what you have achieved. I hope that your book is picked up commercially and that you get the rewards you justly deserve, you have an incredible talent and you've brought it to life for those less fortunate to be able to visit Cambodia or for those who have experienced its wonder and want to relive its beauty and its awesome legacy. Well done you! I feel another trip coming on….;-) Dave

posted at 02:47am Aug 13 PST


mazzys says

Absolutely fabulous images!! Making me travel envious again!!
Well done Mr King!

posted at 08:33am Jul 30 PST


Ribeana_man says

....these pictures bring back memories from my trip through Cambodia....woohooo


posted at 06:53am Jul 29 PST


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