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Naturescope Oracle is no ordinary photo book. This book contains 36 images, each with their own words of wisdom. Think of each one as a footstep on the path of Life.

We’ve encountered all of these steps before, whether blessing or burden, and chances are we’ll encounter them again. This book is a method of realizing where you’re at in Life in the present moment, offering metaphors and advice for each situation.

Tarot is a unique way of tapping into information we already know on a deep level, and bringing it to the surface.

Focusing on a question you have, simply close the book, flip to a random page and take in its contents. You might start by looking at the image. What are its defining characteristics? What do you like about it, and what don’t you like about it?

Treat the image as a metaphor for your situation. This will allow you to draw out subconscious answers from deep within your mind that apply to your question. In truth, we already know all the answers to our problems, but sometimes it helps to have an outside influence to draw them out.

You can then read the text, if you like. The first paragraph on each page is a story that continues throughout the book, which can be read in order when you’re not using the book as an Oracle. Each part of the story is a metaphor for the Life lesson each page represents. The second paragraph gives more concrete advice dealing with the topic at hand. You may resonate with the image, the text, both, or neither.

Simply take whatever information feels right to you. There are many creative ways you can use this book.


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Michael McCracken

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JKittredge says

Nice book.

posted at 02:38pm Apr 19 PST


jewelmarci says

Mike ~ I just love your book and i love you!!!!

posted at 04:24am Jul 25 PST


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