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This is a fine art photography book

This body of work depicts the emergence of the soul from the shadowlands.

There is light, hope and dancing as well as a fear, trepidation and uncertainty.

As one whom has traversed the Shadowlands many times, I am familiar with the emergence.


About the Author

Katariina Fagering
Katariina Santa Fe, NM
Katariina Fagering is passionate about inspiring a revolution of the soul. She wants to inspire others to go back and remember their highest self so they can freely dance barefoot and create magic with their lives. She is a professional photographer, writer, poet, traveler, artist, gypsy, mom and Marine Corps Officer. She wrote this bio from the sands of Fallujah, Iraq where she served her year-long tour with the Marine Corps. What is next for her? There is no telling – it’s always a mystery. She showed her photographs at Verve Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Published a children's book called, "My Little Hula Girl" Photographed the book cover for "Band of Sisters"

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ronjones says

Beautifully sensitive work.

posted at 01:43pm Aug 01 PST


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