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Everyday dogs wearing vintage ties! Why you ask? Why not?!


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Christine Edwards
petial Detroit, MI

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chanin111 says

I dog nut so this is right up my alley. Too cute! You did a fantastic job.

posted at 01:57pm Apr 09 PST


kittykono says

Way too cute!!

posted at 06:35pm Dec 10 PST


laurenita says

Great shots - lots of personality in those cute pups in ties :)

posted at 09:38am Dec 07 PST


WeddingHange says

SOOOO cute!

posted at 07:18pm Jul 16 PST


geffron says

Christine- I'm totally amazed right now. LOVE THIS BOOK. For the past month, I have been doing "Bow Tie Tuesday" in which I post a pic of my dog wearing a vintage bow tie. See here After having enough pics, I was going to make a Blurb book. AHAHAHAHHA! Collaboration on a 2nd Edition perhaps? ps- I'm from the Midwest too. Maybe this is a Middle America thing :)

posted at 06:03am Jul 28 PST


membranophon says

This is awesome. I love it Chris.

posted at 08:17pm Aug 19 PST


bearnut2 says

LOVE this book! Great job and great pics! I wish it was more affordable.

posted at 11:01pm Aug 06 PST


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