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While parked at Castleton Square Mall, across from Spicy Pickle (the world’s most dangerous place apparently), some jerk broke into Duwayno’s car and stole most of his camera equipment. Needless to say he almost cried like a little girl...almost. Instead, he decided to get even.

F AMPERSAND is a collection of portraits of people giving the middle finger and sharing their stories of frustration, loss, and revenge!


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Duwayno Robertson Photography
waynoman Indianapolis, Indiana

I'm a photographer

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jjcphoto says

checked it out at the sf meet and it blew my mind!

posted at 02:52pm Nov 06 PST


joshuadeaner says

Great work ... Congratulations.

posted at 06:51pm Sep 24 PST


waynoman says

Thanks dreadman718! Your restraint is a grand complement.

posted at 08:16pm Aug 11 PST


Dreadman718 says

I usually chop those fingers off when someone shares them with me. I like the work here though. >;)

posted at 06:23pm Aug 11 PST


waynoman says

@irish_usmc: thanks! it's the least i can do for a leatherneck!

posted at 01:32pm Aug 11 PST


irish_usmc says

Awesome book Duwayno! You managed to capture the true essence of a gesture that is at the core of my being.

posted at 10:49am Aug 11 PST


waynoman says

Will do Big Shung!

Thanks Jana!

posted at 11:08am Aug 09 PST


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