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This series investigates the humanness that can be found in mechanical objects. I find in these objects a reflection of the people that anonymously build the cities around us; that anonymously roam the cities around us. Using fresh eyes, I can find fresh eyes winking back at me from surprising places.


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Ari Salomon
helloari San Francisco, CA USA

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byronbar says

Nice concept

posted at 08:24pm Jan 13 PST


mansja says

very nice!

Have a look at my book: Treebags

posted at 10:30am Dec 22 PST


luckyjim says

A breath of fresh air about fresh eyes. There’s nothing like looking at artworks with fresh eyes—or, at least, watching others look with fresh eyes. Similarly, the best way to understand the world around us is to look at it with fresh eyes, which is what this book does. Many pictures were taken in Japan, but 1 or 2 have French text, suggesting that designers may arrive at the same solution regardless of language, origin, or geographic location.

Jim Dixon

posted at 02:38pm Jul 25 PST


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