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Barack and Michelle Obama traveled to New Mexico to campaign this pivotal swing state in September and October of 2008 respectively.

I spent much of Obama's 40 minutes with us in the midst of a huge crowd in Espanola, on tip toes, at a 65º angle, making many of the shots over my head. There were 10,000 people crowded into the town plaza, and it was a truly amazing experience. This is a small sampling of images from that historic campaign stop, and some of Michelle as she rocked the sleepy town of Las Vegas, New Mexico one month later.


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Elsa Kendall
elsakendall Santa Fe, NM
To learn more, please copy this link into your browser: The site I created for Obama during his campaign for the 2008 presidential election, and features some of the images from the Obamanos! Blurb book, published July 2009, can be found here:

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beeherenow says

for quite a while i've been meaning to say: BraViSsima, amica!! a momentous day in the history of both your life and our country's, documented in classic kendall elegance.

posted at 01:14am Jul 19 PST


Virgola says

Elsa as usual a wonderful designer and wonderful photographer!
It looks really great my dear!

posted at 11:53pm Aug 05 PST


ansela says

Definitely gets my vote. Sure hope this talented photographer wins!

posted at 09:22pm Aug 03 PST


karenkuehn says

Elsa love the title wheres your hot pic?
I'm sure this book is going to be great inspiration

posted at 10:59am Jul 17 PST


JayRoss says

I logged in to check out the entries and yours was first to pop up! It looks great! - Jason Ross (Jeff's friend from MI who worked briefly at Turner Carroll Gallery :-)

posted at 05:36am Jul 17 PST


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