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This book is part of my journey to capture all the beauty that we live often in oblivion of.

From nature to concrete, minute to majestic, obvious to mystery; I devour it all with my modest Canon G7. If it has mass then it will have an interesting angle and that’s what I want to discover and capture.

I hope this book is enjoyed as my work-in-progress because I am far from taking my last photo and farther still from achieving that perfection on print that my eyes merely have to focus to perceive.

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About the Author

Chris Toms
freshtables Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am an avid photographer with a background in design.

I have had my finger on the pulse of interactive media, graphic design and technology for the past 15 years; and I am still learning.

My website '' is my creative outlet, one that has been a long time coming but worth every procrastinating minute.

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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freshtables says

Hello Everyone that has posted comments on my photo collection. I just wanted to thank-you all for your very kind remarks. It is important to me to have feedback, it is the only way to gain an understanding on whether or not your work has an impact or means something to someone other than yourself or friends and family.

It is now 2010 which means that I will be working on Freshtables: Vol. 2 in the next 6 months.



posted at 12:42pm Jan 12 PST


vivianarav says

always a pleasure to look at it again

posted at 09:45am Jan 12 PST


snow2115 says

What a beautiful book. Your photos are incredible and really come to life. Nicely composed as well.

posted at 07:00am Nov 05 PST


grandchildre says

absolutely great, incredible!! super super

posted at 09:40am Aug 17 PST



B. Adams would be jealous!

posted at 08:46am Aug 12 PST


freshtables says

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that all the pages of Freshtables: Vol.1 will be available on Blurb. If you would like to see the whole book, please feel free to check out my Flickr stream:

posted at 09:20am Aug 08 PST


x3phyr says

Love it! You have a great eye for composition :-)

posted at 11:08am Aug 07 PST

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