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People can't buy
What they don't know about!

And we want to tell everyone... everything about the West Coast region!

We want to list you and/ or your company with a select group of other companies. And we want to promote everything in an alternative, creative and somewhat "Guerrilla" or sensational manner. Registration has it's benefits... and this book outlines everything that we plan on doing over the coming months getting us~ and you~ prepared for awesome potential.

The book may cost $50 but it gives you, all on it's own, $150 off... a coupon of a book. But, it also provides you with options that will take the general registration down from about $1,300 to just under $700. Huge savings if you act now. We are in the age of immediate information... and this is no different. Immediately available information leading people up to the release of our awesome regional directory.

And our awesome directory will come with a fully appointed "social networking" website (free to join) for support, networking, and getting the word our there! Each member (you included) will be given several different levels of interest selection... increasing interpersonal connection development.

And the directory will be available online... It'll be available in print format (about a 250 pg, 8" by 10" Full Colour book c/w ID card glued to the front cover... maybe even a CD/ DVD of regional bands, artists... and entertaining content that people can take with them... back home)... AND- it'll be available through wireless internet- so people will be able to find out how to get from *exactly* where they might be, at that exact point in time... right to your doorstep. Anywhere... Anytime... The Beacon is FINE!

Pick up the book... choose "Premium" or "Express" delivery and get the book "ASAP." With the book, you can find out, in detail, what our plans are for this great opportunity. No other service will be working even remotely as hard as we will because... we are working "Proactively" to get the message out. We're not just publishing a book and *hoping* people will find it and pick it up... we are going to be "In Their Faces" showing off our region, our Home... and everything there is to do here.


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West Coast Beacon
beacondeacon Vancouver BC Canada
The West Coast Beacon is here to promote everything there is to do on the West Coast... distractions, entertainment, dining, and more. There are tons of things to do... and we want to maximize the potentials for everyone... customer/ patron and business alike. It's out objective to use every means necessary and available to us in order to promote the region. Check out our books to find out more of our intentions and objectives. Each book covers a different consideration- where do you fit in? If we've missed you, let us know and we'll see how we can help you out and, together, we will grow. Connecting interested customers with eager companies.

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