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With over 600 images, this book celebrates the life of Jonny Cainer who recently celebrated his 40th birthday. Dedicated by his wife Jenny, it covers all aspects of his life in 14 glorious chapters. Numerous family members and friends have contributed messages and stories about Jonny from his infant years, through to graduation, his love of playing football and his joy in starting a family. This book is bound to take pride of place on his bookshelf.

Please note that the preview is displaying incorrectly. Chp two's colour has altered from a classy racing green to a colour not chosen by myself. The printed copy is however fine. Thanks for taking the time look through the book.


About the Author

Absolutely Kareen
kazzacx London, England
Photos love books. Books love photos. Absolutely Kareen is the brain child of Kareen Cox. An experienced graphic designer, who has fallen in love with the beauty in designing personalised, bespoke books for individuals and organisations. I'm a designer that does not use templates to design. Every project is individually created with the client (you) in mind. I started out on Blurb producing books for myself and loved ones. The smile on people's faces when they have their own personalised book in their hands is an absolute joy. I love bringing a smile to people's faces.

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kazzacx says

Thanks a bunch for the write up Jenny (and Jonny). It was hard work, with some late nights thrown in for good measure, but we've got a great book that we can definitely be proud of.

posted at 01:53pm Aug 29 PST


jennycainer says

My name is Jonny Cainer and I have just received my book celebrating my life over the last fourty years, its amazing!!!!! In addition to my fantastic wife who spent hours chasing friends and collating stories, anecdotes and photos thanks must also go to Kareen and Blurb. The design, the presentation and print quality look and feel so professional and topic aside it would not look out of place in any top bookshop or on a coffee table at Buckingham Palace. Its an amazing present and one that I shall treasure not only for my memories but also to share and show my children and maybe one day my grandchildren to show them thats once upon a time I was, young, slim and fit!!

posted at 04:48pm Aug 16 PST


jennycainer says

This book is an amazing representation of Jonny's life so far, in photographs, scanned in memorabilia and anecdotes from friends and family. It took a huge amount of organisation to collate all the data from many different sources and to format the book in such a way as to make it interesting for people other than Jonny who wanted to read it.

After hours of work, I then passed everything over to Kareen Cox who took many envelopes of photos and discs of photos and data and transformed the concept of the book into the most phenominal visual representation. I was so delighted with each chapter she sent through for approval, I checked my emails every 30 minutes, night and day, until the book was completed.

I cannot thank Kareen enough for the wonderful job she did creating different layouts for different pages of each chapter. I could have ended up like a huge photo album but instead it is a work of art which will be treasured for years.

My husband Jonny was SO delighted to be presented with this beautiful, high quality coffee-table style book, he is still showing it around weeks after he received it. He is also excited that it is something for our children to see in years to come and they can really know all about their father's first 40 years!

Many people have photo books done but having the input of a professional graphic designer like Kareen has set this 'project' (as I see it!) onto a different level. It was more challenging in that Kareen worked remotely on this and it worked well.

In my opinion, Blurb produce the best quality books at a very reasonable price but if you are like me and cannot face learning a new piece of photobook software and don't have the time anyway, I would have no hesitation in using Kareen Cox - wherever you are located in the world! Thank you Blurb and Kareen!

posted at 11:11am Aug 15 PST

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