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Undoubtedly the most personal book in the artist series so far, “Schmidt Sean Andreas Schmidt” may seem a very simple book at first glance.

Fifteen double-page spreads juxtapose various photographs of Andreas Schmidt and his son Sean Schmidt, both at similar ages, from birth to approximately four years old.
We can witness both Andreas Schmidt and Sean Schmidt, time delayed by almost exactly 38 years, do all the usual things children do, like taking their first steps, riding a bike, visiting a Zoo, playing in the snow and we are presented with their favourite pyjama, a pet tortoise and a 3rd birthday event.

Yet what appears to be an obvious comparison is perhaps more revealing and profound when considered for longer than the turning of a page, as it is our universal use of the camera in connection with family events that is being analysed in this book.
Was Andreas Schmidt led to take certain photographs of his son because he knew of his own pictures in his family album? Is it just a coincidence that 38 years on his son's favourite pyjama is also yellow? Do we remember life from our first few years or do we remember life from the photographs of our first few years as assembled in our family albums?

Ultimately, like in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick's film "2001", in which linear time has been disrupted and an astronaut sees an image of himself as an old man, first eating and then lying on a bed, dying, only to turn into an embryo, this book reminds us that we are simultaneously our sons and our fathers and that we are part of an immense cycle.

Limited to 100 copies


About the Author

Andreas Schmidt
auschmidt London, UK

"knowingly at the opposite end of attractive publishing"
Elisabeth Tonnard / artist

"a prolific self-publisher exploring the very nature of books and magazines"
Christopher Clary / artist

"It's such a bold yet brilliant idea"
Mishka Henner / artist

"What a laugh!"
Martin Parr / photographer / curator / supreme book collector

"I'm appalled that you did this"
Judy Natal / photographer

"One more time you do a very clever job"
Rémi Coignet / Le Monde

"Andreas Schmidt brilliantly debunks the notion that expensive equals quality"
Jonathan Lewis / artist

"Andreas Schmidt takes the concept of the book and shakes it like a rag doll...until its head comes off. He finds truth in extremes."
Jean Keller / artist

"Schmidt is a master of the unexpected twist"
Hatje Cantz Publishers

"a superb collaborative photobook work"
Harvey Benge / photographer

"I'll track down your books"
Alec Soth / photographer

"a pleasingly disruptive photobook maker"
Marc Feustel / Eyecurious

Publish Date  July 20, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  38 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art Photography

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mischmi77 says

This is absolutely GREAT!!!! Especially the yellow pyjama and the good old BMW 318, the red bike - and of course the sunglasses ;o) I LOVE IT

posted at 12:33pm Nov 09 PST


EverBGreen says

That's incredible -- I think the resemblances are more pronounced than in the usual case. That is, in looks, he seems to have inherited your genes. It is a fantastic assembly of images. I definitely agree that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But here the point is made like an arrow through the apple on your son's head. Congratulations on a very memorable book. Even at a young age, he'll be able to totally appreciate it and your bond will be deepened as a result. It's easy for bonds not to be as close as they can be with all the necessary reminders, prodding, rules and requirements etc. So a book like this is very special in shaping your relationship from here onward.

posted at 03:35pm Nov 08 PST


ChrisMTH says

All your photos are still very well preserved eh... nice collections ;-)

posted at 11:37am Jul 22 PST

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