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A new collection of art photography by artist/photographer Greth Ligon. This photography is a subconscious exploration of a very surreal, bizarre world. Often frightening and at times shocking. . .


About the Author

Greth Ligon
grethtones Colorado, United States
I have lived in Colorado my whole life, between Fort Collins, Loveland, and Denver. I took up art at the age of 4 and have continued creative pursuits since then in different mediums.

Comments (6)


ortholino says

Amazing work... Some of your portraits seem's similar to mine, visible at !!!

posted at 03:57pm Aug 06 PST


deoxygen says

I love what you have done to your images, well done!

posted at 01:14am Oct 30 PST


grethtones says

Thankyou very much!

posted at 10:32pm Aug 16 PST


AnnMorency says

your work !!!!! powerful personal and passionate. Thank you for the moments.

posted at 08:41pm Aug 13 PST


grethtones says

I've actually heard that from a few different people. I have one friend that keeps insisting I send stuff to Trent Reznor.
I actually listen to NIN all the time, especially Still, the Fragile, and Ghosts. I'll have to check out your youtube video.

Thanks for the comments and compliments!

posted at 05:19pm Aug 05 PST


poshtwat says

cheers for your comment! my 1st one. now i shall the 1st person to comment for you. I really liked most of the preview pages, reminded me of NIN (nine inch nails band) cd artwork. By chance i got all my NIN albums out yesterday and made a 'nin fan test' video on utube! man i was bored, very bored to have made something like that, anyways.....Great stuff.

posted at 12:38am Aug 05 PST

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