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POP BOOK With Yellow Title and the final version. Seven years in the making to create, "POP - Art inspired by New York's own subcultures from celebrity to subway" takes digital based art to an entirely new level exploring new ground combining fine art photography and hand painting.
The book contains Pop artist Olan's photo-based art along with poetry and famous art quotes.
According to Michael Musto of The Village Voice: Olan is 'UPPING THE SUBCULTURE.'
"I create my art from my own photographs. I love this city and the people I meet every day. I create my work by painting on my photos. This is my art and my way of taking the genre of digital photo-based art to an entirely new and different level.
People play with levels, curves and colors when they retouch or as many say 'photoshop.' I go further, taking it to the abstract paying homage to the 80's through color and rhetoric. I hand paint many of the works to further skew the lines and push the envelope - you know I remember when all retouching was done by hand," states Olan.
"This new art form deserves to be investigated by artists to the full extent - from camera to computer to an actual printed piece to be further explored - it's exciting and facinating like my subjects," states Olan.
"I am simply playing with all of these aspects and involving my artist hand as well as the keypad and computer drawing utensils. It's wonderful to balance the past with the future in art to create a new genre," says Olan.
According to Michael Musto, "Olan starts by taking a photo of you while telling you how meaningful you are to society and/or how you have penetrating eyes. Then he does painty or digital things to the photo and emerges with a portrait that's generally super colorful and very true. I'm hardly his only subject; he's also done Boy George, Justin Bond, Rufus Wainwright, and even some straight people."
"My work is an effort to capture an essence," says Olan, "and place it into a perpetual freeze frame. Why can't a nanosecond last forever?"
"My Olan portrait will last forever, that's for sure. I ain't throwing it out!" - Michael Musto, The Village Voice


About the Author

Olan Montgomery
Olanscooter New York, New York United States

I create my paintings from my own photographs. They are a combination of my photos handpainted on canvas.

My work has a simple message: see the individual through color and light. by doing so, one's individuality can be more fully understood.

It is a visual stimulation to remind people to simply look at one another and see through the layers of a complex personality. In our world today fame and pop stardom are sometimes reduced to “5 seconds of fame”.

In some respects we can blame (or thank) the mass media for contributing to a jaded social value of “been there, done that”.
Regardless, my work is an effort to
capture an essence within that fleeting context and place it into a perpetual freezeframe. why can’t a nano-second last forever? -

"Olan's pop art explodes off the canvas like fireworks, both contemplating and celebrating the beauty of the individual." - Jennifer Cattaul for MAR Magazine - July-Aug 2006

Publish Date  July 28, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  200 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Fine Art

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Olanscooter says

Check out this review from EDGE New York about the book...

Review written by Steve Weinstein:

Pop is exactly that: classic-style Pop Art, in this case, as the subtitle explains: "art inspired by New York’s own subcultures from celebrity to subway."

Actually, there’s a lot more celebrity than subway. Montgomery has taken his own photos of everyone from Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto to Debra Harry. Sometimes, he goes for the close-up, as with (Sir) Alan Cumming, but most of the time he uses the middle distance for a full-body shot.

Montgomery’s style is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein (whom he acknowledges), but especially Francis Bacon and very, very especially Andy Warhol. He builds on Warhol’s famous use of photo images, which he silk screened in various shades for multiple images.

In Montgomery’s case, he doesn’t multi-image so much. But he does utilize much of Warhol’s brighter-than-life color schemes. The effect is like a gouache, with colors streaming into each other.

There’s some homoeroticism here as well, such as the cover illustration of a man looking at porn in a typical New York tenement flat. His dog beside him, he’s got his Colt underwear on, but in subsequent pictures, the underwear comes off and we get the full monty, at full staff.

In an image that combines homoeroticism with Warhol imagery, a man’s butt with underwear that shows a photo of Marilyn Monroe is multi-imaged. It’s a nice metaphor for an artist who has taken Andy’s suppressed homoeroticism and combined it with his mania for Downtown Manhattan’s "superstars," real, or self-imagined.

posted at 02:55pm Sep 02 PST


Olanscooter says

Check out what wrote about my art opening featuring the book:

posted at 10:57pm Aug 10 PST

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