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A book of photography from the Northeastern region of Brazil. Landscapes, Beaches, People, Culture, etc.


About the Author

Damian James
DamianJames Irvine, CA USA
In 1997, I took my new SLR camera to the remote and barren lands of Extremadura, Spain...home to many of the infamous Spanish conquistadors. That was one of the first times I really felt like a true explorer...out there all alone, surrounded by unfamiliar people and territory. It was during these years that I fell in love with travel, learning about local cultures and the art of photography.

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fiduciary09 says

May the best DJ from Irvine, CA win this contest!

posted at 10:47pm Nov 09 PST


adriantune says

Wow! You've got some really stunning photography. I love how many of your pictures juxtapose two or three contrasting colors against one another. Great work.

If you get a chance, check out my Italian book.


posted at 09:26am Nov 08 PST


CouCou33 says

great pictures ! i wish I could go to brazil....... looks amazing !!

posted at 04:59pm Nov 06 PST


huntsman-m says

You've got a really great book--my husband and I enjoyed looking through it--one of the ones that particularly grabbed our eye was the shot with the palm tree's shadow. Great job! I was vote #67. Good luck and all the best!


posted at 09:50am Nov 05 PST


temahbuba says

Awesome book and beutifull pictures.I feel that Imust visit this country. your pictures kept my whole family for hours and my kids liked it so mutch.your hard working and effort for such a great job is admierble, wishing you the best of luck.

posted at 10:28pm Nov 04 PST


virginiekahn says

Some of your pictutres are really great and I really love your book, but please, as a graphic designer, please, don't ever use this typeface again ! :) Anyway, you got my vote. If you have a minute, please check out mine, totaly different kind of landscape : Islande du sud.

posted at 12:04pm Nov 04 PST


pegasus003 says

So well done Damian. Going to buy your book and want you to sign it when I see you at your exhibit.

posted at 09:31am Nov 04 PST


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