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The human-animal relationship has always fascinated me. In many cultures animals have multiple functions and their importance goes far beyond that of providing its owner with income. My studies and work have often focussed on human-animal interactions and the value of animals in contributing towards people’s socio-economic, cultural and religious well-being.

The photos in this book were taken over a period of 16 years. During this period I worked with farmers and livestock keepers either as part of my vocational training or as a consultant for NGOs, donor agencies, research institutes and UN organizations.

This book is dedicated to the wonderful livestock keepers who shared their knowledge, time and kindness with me. This book is also a tribute to the millions of animals providing people with food, income, warmth, fuel, transport, comfort, status, medicine, culture, survival and good company.


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Ellen Geerlings

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iluvafrica says

A delightful collection of fabulous animals. I especially like the cherub-faced camel! Truly a treat.
Maybe you will enjoy "Solange's Village" about a woman's work in Burkina Faso.

posted at 02:12pm Nov 08 PST


nbeckers says

Love it!

posted at 05:02pm Oct 28 PST


cvgayl says

No wonder, it is marvelous!

posted at 12:28am Oct 26 PST


playrawkstar says

we liked your book so much it's been chosen as a staff pick in the blurb bookstore!

posted at 11:59am Aug 19 PST


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