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Walk the vast beaches of Kitsilano, take the SeaBus to North Vancouver, spot the industrial hinterland as well as the nature retreats. Dive into the city of diversity, enjoy Chinese dragons and awkward pieces of art. This book is a homage to one of the world’s most beautiful cities and a very personal perspective.

Vancouver is commonly referred to as one of the world’s most beautiful cities – and one of those with the highest quality of living. Not every visitor may recognize this right upon arrival. If the city is covered in clouds, as is the case for most of the rainy winter season, much of the city’s beauty remains a secret. However, once the sun breaks through the clouds, the city is bursting into life. The city’s streets and parks fill with people and many enjoy the nature in Stanley Park or head directly to the North Shore Mountains that watch over the city. Opportunities for outdoor activities are almost unlimited: Strolling on the beaches, wind surfing, yachting, running, biking, skiing and snowboarding. It is this combination of urban living and unspoiled natural surroundings that makes Vancouver a unique spot on earth.

This pictorial explores the calm beaches of Kitsilano and the bustling streets of Chinatown, it unveils the beauty of the nature surrounding the metropolitan sprawl, and it discovers the patina of Surrey’s industrial areas. The book does not claim to be exhaustive, it rather provides for a seamless journey through Greater Vancouver that follows the personal impressions of the photographer.

This second edition includes an additional section on the British Columbia that extends beyond the boundaries of Greater Vancouver, from Vancouver Island to the Rocky Mountains. The extra pages expose Vancouver’s role as an urban outpost amidst untamed nature.


About the Author

Daniel Masny
Zampolit Nuremberg, Germany + all over the place

I have the spirit of travelling in my veins and have added photography to my leisure activities for a few years now. Professionally, I hold an MSc in International Business, having specialized in Strategy and Finance, and work as project manager for a leading media corporation.

To me, even a pictorial is not only about pictures. Since I have been working for different student publications, I have also attained a grasp of layout and learned to use the relevant software tools.

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