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This is a little book of guidance and inspiration. I wrote this book in honour of my father , he would often pass me bits of scrap paper now and then with these rules on - which he said were Golden.
The rules kept coming and he kept saying to me "Live by these Rules and you can't go wrong son"
I am now 40 and have children of my own and I decided it was important to compile these rules in a little book so i could pass them on to my kids.
These rules have given great guidance and kept me out of harms way. I am sure you will enjoy them too..


About the Author

Charles Sidi
Charlessidi Scottsdale Arizona USA

Born in 1969 in Manchester United Kingdom. Charles has produced some of the best homes in the world working with the most acclaimed architects. Charles has produced over $100m of stunning homes for private clients and speculatively both in the UK and USA. His work reflects a hight standard that is rarely seen. He is honored by the UK Government, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the National House Building Council and the National Centre for Excellence in Housing. UP CLOSE features some of those award winning homes.

Publish Date  August 05, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  22 pgs   Standard Paper

Category  Entertainment

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J_M says

Wise rules and very well done book!

posted at 08:33am Nov 08 PST


b5ml says

You really have a nice book there! You got my vote! If you get the chance please look at my travel book..(Iran on the outside looking in) the link is (, i will very much appreciate you vote!

posted at 03:00pm Nov 06 PST


EverBGreen says

You've got my note. Very well done. Do I agree with the first rule?


posted at 10:38am Nov 06 PST


symbios2 says

First sentence is supposed to read "help people live together peacfully in the world" And perhaps this is another needed rule..."proofread before you post" maybe a variation on think before you put your mouth in gear.

posted at 09:17am Nov 06 PST


symbios2 says

Very nice book. I like the advice and am always hoping for books and themes that will help be live together peacefully in the world.. I used to drop my son off at school, right up until he graduated from high school and my parting words were always "Be good to others, especially the kids that others are harassing or ignoring." Also, I used to tell my kids"Just because the light turns green, doesn't mean it's safe to cross the street". Maybe a couple more rules. Look at my book please, and obviously I'm not asking you to vote for mine, since we are probably in the same category. I just like feedback from folks other than my family. It's called Shoo! Scram! Scat!. Thanks Carla.

posted at 09:15am Nov 06 PST


Boogich says

Smart rules to live by. I voted!

Please take a look at my travel book, The Italian Holga Experiment

posted at 05:46am Nov 06 PST


janetgoldenb says

I like what you have done here. If only I could remember all those quotes my mother used to say. Well done.
Please check out my books too. A Cat Abroad on the Streets of Heidelberg, But I Thought I was Mommy's Baby and Feline Fractals Fantasy

posted at 10:03am Nov 05 PST

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