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You might want to file James Chase's constructions with Cornell's creepier channelings, Hollywood's vintage interpretations of the hellish, and Poe's ever-looming pendulum, but his highly artful gearboxes and crates are both timely and timeless (as well as contemporary--instilling his peep shows with a zine-n-comix-ture), culling odds-and-ends off the industrial-aged blocks of Manchester's mill sections and then rigging them up and bolting them together, updating this darkest of milieus with these readings of our souls--yes, the lurid, tube-hot, and the sublime, machine-cold, but more so the immeasurable and untold."
-Mark DeCarteret
author of (If This Is the) New World
Artist statement - The creation of my assemblages are the result of stitching together aspects of sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography. The trigger for each of my assemblages is form over function. My work usually begins with a solitary object and evolves into structures once a sense of ambiguity and form are achieved. Materials scavenged from flea markets, junkyards, discount stores, dumpsters and alleys make up my sculptures. Rarely do I map out a work before construction. The layers and juxtapositions that emerge from individual relics give me both beauty and a sense of unease. I consider my work to be a deconstruction of the past. Relationships and portraits evolve out of forgotten and discarded objects. Treating these objects as icons, their travels through history and what they can represent, rather than their original function, allows me to create meaning. I am not interested in trying to replicate or create actual machines, but instead give connections assembled from the past the opportunity to breathe new life.

Bio - James Chase is mixed media artist living in Manchester, New Hampshire. Chase works sculpturally on themes such as communication and the history of the obsolete, explored with metal, wood and found objects. His artwork has been published in The Café Review in 2009, as well as in a featured self-published book, The Art of James Chase. He is the Printmaking Technician and Teacher Assistant at The New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Chase also offers workshops to local high schools, with a focus on juxtaposing layers and the matrixes of assemblages.


About the Author

James Chase
darkartjames Manchester, NH, USA
The discarded and the forgotten spark my creative process. Opposed to traditional artistic mediums, rusty metal, peeling paint, and battered wood speak to me. In such a consumer based society, my found objects give us the chance to reexamine our castaways. I incorporate the viewer into my work by inviting him or her to feel the textures and experience the movement of the assemblage before them. I transform everyday, mundane objects into thought provoking centerpieces for viewers to breathe their own life into. My work has grown to be featured in galleries across the state of New Hampshire and in private collections throughout New England.

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