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"Depths" by artist and photographer Jason Tag is a grainy and gritty photo-exploration of the darker subjects not often explored in the art nude genre.

"In this book you will find an exploration of something not pretty. Something dark, something that not many are willing to explore. Dark issues such as drug use, depression, body image issues, acceptance of self. I give a lot of credit to Ashleigh for making these images really come alive. For being able to breathe life into the ideas. And for having the courage to help me realize ideas as dark as those found in this book"
~ Jason Tag


About the Author

Jason Tag
jasontag Honolulu, Hawaii
Born and raised on Oahu I feel blessed to have such an amazing backdrop to shoot against. For me photography is an adventure. It's something to explore and discover and am continually amazed at what happens when I look through the lens. I work primarily in artistic nudes that focus on the connection between ourselves and the nature that surrounds us. But I'm always thinking of new ideas to play with. Because of that I find that my art and craft is constantly evolving and growing. I'm not sure where all of this is going and I don't really want to know either. I find that it's the journey that's fun not the end result.

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