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Learn about the little known, "Stonehenge of the Fens": Flag Fen, through stunning photographs taken at the site.

Flag Fen is a Bronze Age archaeology site of some note. It's museum contains such treasures as the earliest wheel found in Britain, as well as many swords, daggers, and jewelry.

The author has captured the beauty of this park in a series of photographs that also convey the historical significance of this unique place.

If you are interested in the archaeology or the history of Britain, then this is a must-have book.


About the Author

Tony Warner
twarner405 Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

A relative late comer to the world of photography, I am an accomplished and enthusiastic photographer who's conscientious and straight forward approach has allowed me to develop a style that is both dynamic and often conveys a unique perspective on our everyday world. My work has been featured in many local magazines.

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kapalua21 says

Hi Tony,

The book is AMAZING!! I love the photography, especially the flowers and catepillars (I paint those kinds of things, so I'm partial to them:)). Everything is so dynamic, you truely do have a talent and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Congratulations and keep in touch!


posted at 12:37pm Aug 21 PST


randysch says

Hi Tony,

I work with Makai and she's mentioned you and your photography to all of us here at Bluewave. Your book looks great. Keep going. I've used Blurb too. It's a great resource. I also have a book listed there titled Q&A, FYI.

Take care,

posted at 11:57am Aug 21 PST


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