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A toy camera records a flawed and fantastical world. I idealize these fractured moments, removing the camera’s characteristic flaws. The synthetic result documents my Faustian search for the inspired moment of capture and the hidden details surrounding it.

Dreamlike documentation pulled from a Holga and C-41 film. These 81 megapixel images explore the space between an experience and a memory. Environments are painstakingly reconstructed, distilling the moment of capture from the myriad of Holga characteristics. Lens distortion is corrected, uneven exposure is adjusted, and frames are recropped. The image is rebuilt in the same fashion a childhood memory may be recalled - details (often idealized) slowly emerge with care and patience.

Reality is caught at the moment of documentation. And like the mind, it becomes malleable with time.


About the Author

Planck Studios: Jonathan Michael Johnson
planckstudio Chicago, IL

I am an artist, documentarian, music lover and admirer of science. I live in the beautiful city of Chicago and produce large scale archival prints.

In 1894 physicist Max Planck (born Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck 1848-1947) was asked to re-design the light bulb for greater efficiency. Frustrated with modern physics, he approached the problem with a strategy we now call quantum theory. Much of today’s technology is built on principles of quantum theory - principles Planck first imagined, then constructed through trial & error and later spread as doctrine. He believed in the power of logic, experimentation and an undying faith in the self. And in his off time he jammed with Einstein.

In homage to Max Planck, I use the name Planck Studios to represent my body of work. Like Planck, I am guided by an experimental approach. Both my methods of documentation and the subjects I choose are inspired by our technological advances.

Publish Date  August 11, 2009

Dimensions  Small Square  44 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Arts & Photography

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jennplaysbas says

The colors in Jonathan's reconstructions are spectacular and this book does them justice. Great quality paper, colors, and construction. After this purchase, I very highly recommend both Jonathan's art and Blurb's books.

posted at 05:27pm Sep 26 PST

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