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Images By Gabriela Hasbun

My interest in rodeos stems from the visual evolution in archetypes of the rodeo culture. The sound and fury of a modern rodeo is a study in generational shift. As the contestants in this traditional competition come increasingly from a new generation, they bring with them a totally new perspective and interpretation. Gucci sunglasses and Stetson hats, cell phones and bull-riding, it's clear that something completely new is being forged in the collision of classic and contemporary. Many of these contradictions are not apparent to those who embody them, partly because they've internalized so many of these modern elements that they literally cannot imagine leaving them behind. For these youths, the rodeo is not an exercise in anachronistic romanticism, or else we would expect some devotion to historical purity. This is a vibrant expression of self in a changing world, and they are leaving an indelible imprint.


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Gabriela Hasbun
ghasbun San Francisco

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janetgoldenb says

Good job representing the scenes of a rodeo, the portraits are great.

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posted at 01:56pm Nov 08 PST


hookkids says

Hello Gabriela
Beautiful Photos . We have friends that train and sell horses but we don't know to much about them . They are a strong beautiful animal , And very smart . Rode one once . You did a good job putting this book together
You got my vote .
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posted at 06:38pm Nov 07 PST


elsayad says

Nice work .Especially portraits ,

posted at 03:55pm Nov 07 PST



Great book. Well done.
You got a vote from me.

posted at 06:08am Nov 07 PST


CouCou33 says

great pictures ! love the angles and how the light is captured.

posted at 04:53pm Nov 06 PST


melanianspot says

Great book, I especially like the portraits, they earned my vote! good luck in the competition

posted at 06:51pm Nov 05 PST


anitamphoto says

very interesting.
got my vote!

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posted at 07:17am Nov 05 PST


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