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Over 300 charcoal/pen and ink drawings of mixed subject matter and personalities (ranging from politicians to celebrities) from legendary artist Peter Green are presented in this 180 page book. This historical and comprehensive archive of his work (primarily for his editorial, advertising and entertainment clients) showcases Peter's inventive charcoal style generated between 1966 and 1986.

Peter states:
"I guess it started with figure drawing with charcoal in Art school and then making a living as a "hired pencil" doing state fairs, birthday parties and street caricatures. Charcoal became the ideal medium to capture the full range of values in a face from black/blacks to the most subtle highlights. Painting with a pencil as I used to call it. When I finally moved into the illustration world, it was the perfect technique for a time when color printing was not where it is today and charcoal drawings offered a change from the pen and ink style that had dominated political caricatures for 100 years.

Fast forward to today and now I have over the last 20 years concentrated on Hollywood's marketing needs which have been lots of design, photo shoots, photo manipulation and running a design/marketing firm with as many as 30 or more employees. Color printing has come into its own, much like black and white TV or feature films going color. And throughout the past 20 years, my illustration technique has gravitated to a full color approach. Watercolor and PRISMACOLOR pencil to be exact."


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Peter Green
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