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This book is a compilation of the fascinating history and the jeweled yet fragile present, of a beach located in Fort Bragg, California, called Glass Beach. A haven for sea glass collectors everywhere, the inspiration for writing this book came from the author's experiences within the network at, and - where she discovered an amazing array of people who shared and increased her own near-obsession with sea glass. Featured at: and ** As seen at the author's new site, **


About the Author

Lisa Walker
Feather3 Fort Bragg, CA, USA

The author has had a life long love of birds and the outdoors. Photography seemed like a great idea during physical therapy, and so, she began carrying a camera around with her everywhere she would hike, rock climb, beach comb and wildlife watch. Over 5000 photos later and she finally decided to put some together in a book to share, "Diary of a Canada Goose.

The Glass Beach - A Sea Glass Lover's Paradise book came about purely by accident, through her love of photography and collecting sea glass.

Her knowledge of flora and fauna has earned her such jobs as naturalist, writer, and artist. She's been a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator, taking in many different species of birds and mammals spanning the years from 1986-2003.

Currently she resides on the northern California coast with her son, five birds and hundreds of books, dividing her time between reading, writing, photography, and walking, with her church-related work as secretary, clerk, worship leader, and soup kitchen director.

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Sassyseaglas says

As a seaglass acquaintance of Lisa's, I can personally attest to her photographic genius when it comes to photographing sea glass and nature.

posted at 04:57pm Oct 24 PST


sfartiste says

This book is fantastic! The history and the photography....captures the essence of the joys of Glass Beach and of sea glass in general.

posted at 10:43pm Oct 26 PST

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