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This is a book that I have wanted to do for years. Since my job allows me the opportunity and I get to see so many different places I wanted to document the journey. These are many of the places that I was able to see, explore and enjoy.

I feel fortunate to see these amazing places and realize what each offers and while I know I missed so many things, well that provides me the ticket to return and further explore these great Cities.

I have already began my year in review for 2009. One day all of the travel will be over but I believe that these books allow me to capture times and memories that will last a lifetime.

Once again if you get a chance to travel, jump on it! I cannot tell you how important it is to see this great planet. I have been traveling internationally for 24 years now but each time I walk out of a hotel and see the streets, buildings and people around me I am completely energized! I am still amazed and find it hard to believe that I am in another city, country or continent. The new never wears off!

Take a look at your life. If you have not experienced another country you owe it to your self to find some way to make it happen. If you are older than me you had better got on it. Once bitten by the travel bug, you will work really hard to make up for lost time.

If you are younger than me, get started now! If you have to save up for a year to go, start today! Once you make that first trip you will have no problem getting motivated to save for the next trip.

You will find as I have over the years that traveling abroad will change your whole perspective on life. I promise you will not think of the world in the same way that you do today.

Get out there and see it! Don't wait, go now!


About the Author

Intlpilot Memphis, TN
I found a lot of time and energy on my hands after leaving the coaching ranks. While on a vacation I picked up a camera and have never looked back. Today I hardly go anywhere without a camera in my hand. I started shooting my kids sports, moved in High School, College and Professional Sports. Today I enjoy a wide array of photography from Professional sports to portrait work. Over the years I have aquired so many photos but became frustrated with no place to display the photographs I had taken. I started looking for a publishing company in which I could place my photos in a book and display. I took a chance on Blurb and produced a book of my family photos from a one year period. That book is still on a table at my lake house. It is the first thing that everyone picks up when they enter the home. Your book will be one that you will wish to place in a prominent place so that all entering your home will see!

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